Years of Experience and a Guiding Philosophy

Founder and Etiquette Expert, April Furr, has spent her career both observing modes of communication and educating others about how to improve their communication to make it more respectful, kind, and professional.

At the North Carolina School of Protocol and Etiquette, we start with good manners, but our students graduate with a deep understanding of social responsibility that extends beyond manners to include professional decorum, diplomacy, and how to make a lasting impression.

For Corporate Clients

Helping clients in the corporate world make a lasting, positive first impression.

For Personal Clients

Offering instruction in being the perfect host or guest.

For College Age Clients

Personal branding, dining etiquette, and interview techniques.

Teen Talk

Confidence-building, learning respect for yourself and others, dating and interview etiquette, and more.

For Children

A program for children ages 5-12 for learning social skills and consideration for others while bolstering self-confidence.