Teen Talk

There are many skills not taught in school that are necessary for ushering teens into adulthood. Topics covered in this course include self-confidence, attitude, respect for yourself and others, the art of listening, dating and interview etiquette, and social dancing. Etiquette lessons will include presenting yourself with confidence, making introductions, giving and receiving compliments, proper handshaking, appropriate deference, proper posture, table manners, polite cell phone use, thank you notes, and more.

Investment in this course includes seven program sessions (including lunch), speakers, handouts, and a graduation lunch which parents are encouraged to attend.

Cancellation Policy: If a participant must postpone/cancel attendance, he/she may receive a refund of the tuition fee, minus a $50.00 (US) administrative fee. Postponements/cancellations must be in writing 14 days prior to the program or attendees are liable for the entire fee.