For Corporate Clients

The Polished Professional

In the corporate world, people will form an impression of you very quickly and often without you knowing it. After that first impression is made, it is often difficult to change. How, then, do you appear polished so that you can make a positive and lasting first impression?

In this program, participants will learn what creates positive perceptions, including:

  • Visual and vocal components of professional savvy, including how to sit correctly and enter a room properly, how to make introductions, handshake etiquette, and correctly employing names and titles
  • Networking protocol, including how to work a room, business card protocol, and the thank-you note
  • American and Continental styles of dining, including the art of toasting, business power teas, and tipping guidelines

Through this program, you will also become aware of the components of a lasting first impression, including:

  • Actions and appearances that cause people to engage with you
  • What a handshake reveals about a person
  • The difference between posture and presence
  • Levels of acceptable dress
  • The power of one’s voice
  • What people notice about you first
  • Why you do not get a second chance to make a first impression

The Polished Professional is a day long course. Your investment includes the full seminar, a course notebook, a four-course tutorial luncheon, and afternoon tea.

Executive Finishing School

This three day intensive course is aimed at helping corporate executives and their teams succeed in a highly competitive business world. Polish is a skill. Top executives know that the social and emotional intelligences that come with a polished presence are the best indicators of success in the business world.

This program is designed to help individuals become the kind of polished professionals that everyone wants on their team – professionals who not only convey a polished presence and attitude, but who also exude the self-confidence that sets them apart from others in corporate settings.

In this program, participants will learn the exceptional social skills necessary for leadership positions, interaction with upscale clients, and international business travel. Skills include positive perceptions, professional style, the art of the million dollar meal, the art of toasting, correspondence etiquette, networking etiquette, business card protocol, proper introductions, names and titles, meeting etiquette, the thank you note, the skill of listening, the skill of speaking, business power tea, and tipping guidelines. This program includes three continental breakfasts, afternoon tea, supplies, a workbook, and three tutorial luncheons for practicing formal dining skills.

To book this program or to discuss pricing, please call 252-917-4650. Registration is limited.

The Million Dollar Meal

Did you know that more than half of all business deals are conducted over dining, or that the business lunch is still the most favored type of meeting? In this course, you will learn how to wow clients, coworkers, and superiors at your next business lunch, client dinner, or power tea. This course will cover seating and napkin etiquette, place settings, toasting, tipping guidelines, and more. Make the most out of every meal!

This course is two hours when taught in isolation from The Polished Professional and Executive Finishing School.

The Art of Listening

Listening is becoming a lost art. And yet it is a crucial skill if you want to build relationships and gain friends. This course on positive and effective communication will help individuals learn to build rapport that leads to being liked, trusted, and respected. Participants will gain the following skills in this dynamic training:

  • Learn to walk away from a conversation politely
  • Use listening to network more effectively
  • Persuade others of your point of view
  • Become a better conversationalist
  • Learn to sharpen your listening skills and to listen actively
  • Demonstrate to others that you are actively listening
  • Become someone who is easy to listen to
  • Connect with the power of your own voice

The Professional Seminar Series

This intensive course is the perfect introduction to etiquette training for anyone who will be working internationally or with international clients. In addition to cultural information regarding business customs when traveling, the seminar includes correspondence etiquette, office etiquette, positive perceptions, professional style, meeting etiquette, international business pointers, tips for networking success, and guidelines for the successful interview.

To book this program or to discuss pricing, please call 252-917-4650. Registration is limited.

The Customer Experience

The manner in which you and your employees treat your customers can mean the difference between gaining new clients and losing them. This seminar will cover the basic rules of etiquette, including proper telephone etiquette, how to greet customers, how to provide an introduction, and how to maintain professionalism in a challenging customer service situation. When your customers feel appreciated, listened to, and respected, they’ll keep coming back for more!

Cancellation Policy: If a participant must postpone/cancel attendance, he/she may receive a refund of the tuition fee, minus a $50.00 (US) administrative fee. Postponements/cancellations must be in writing 14 days prior to the program or attendees are liable for the entire fee.