For Children

Courteous Kids

This 18 Lesson, Five Week Program is ideal for elementary schools, after-school programs, homeschool events, childcare providers, and summer camps. Through this program, children ages 5 – 12 will learn to foster their own self-confidence through consideration and respect for themselves and others, all while learning key social skills, including:

  • Manners, and why they are important
  • Appropriate hellos and goodbyes
  • The magic of the magic word
  • Saying thank you
  • Giving compliments
  • Using proper titles and honorifics as well as giving proper introductions
  • Handshaking
  • Sportsmanship, including deference and being humble
  • Proper telephone manners
  • Setting the table and using table manners
  • Using kind words
  • Being a good listener

This program takes place at the hosting school or childcare provider location. Interested in bringing Courteous Kids to your local school? Please have a school administrator get in touch:

Cancellation Policy: If a participant must postpone/cancel attendance, he/she may receive a refund of the tuition fee, minus a $50.00 (US) administrative fee. Postponements/cancellations must be in writing 14 days prior to the program or attendees are liable for the entire fee.