For College Age Clients

The Skill of Polish

Composure and polish will set job applicants apart from the rest of the group. If two candidates are equally qualified, who will ultimately win out? The answer: the one who can most effectively control their behavior and best represent themselves and the company with decorum. This knowledge will help the college student shine by providing insight into a silent skill set that is vital to gainful employment.

Topics covered for college students are as follows:

  • Fine dining and table manners
  • Personal branding
  • Making a positive and lasting first impression
  • Communication excellence
  • Effective networking
  • Skillful interview techniques

Cancellation Policy: If a participant must postpone/cancel attendance, he/she may receive a refund of the tuition fee, minus a $50.00 (US) administrative fee. Postponements/cancellations must be in writing 14 days prior to the program or attendees are liable for the entire fee.