Will you be going out on a romantic date with your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day? If so, then you will likely be headed out to a fancy dinner. Men, this is your opportunity to show your significant other how much you love and respect them without spending a ton of cash. Are you ready? It’s easy. Pay attention to the details. Turn on the charm and make her feel extra special by implementing these simple etiquette rules. Good manners are timeless.

1. Open and hold doors for your date.  This applies to both vehicles and buildings. (It should be noted that this is correct behavior for social circumstances. If your date states otherwise, then she is being rude.)

2. Men should walk on the left side (nearest the street) to protect one’s date from any water splashes or dangers from the street.

3. If it is raining, then the man should hold the umbrella in order that both people are protected from the rain but especially his date.

4. Once inside, the protocol is that the woman follows the hostess/maitre d to the table and the man follows closely behind his date.

5. Once at the table, the man offers his date the best seat, and then pulls out the chair for her or allows the hostess/maitre d to do so.  

6. Men should then sit in the chair to her left.  This allows the lady to have the seat of honor.  (This is the case since the  man is the host and the seat of honor is always at the right of the host.)

7. Allow your date to order first.

8. Stay off your cell phone! Engage with your date. Make eye contact. Listen.

9. Upon exiting the restaurant, the protocol is reversed.

10. The man pulls out his date’s chair.

11. He then leads her through the restaurant, ahead of his date, so as to clear the path for her.

12. Provide your coat to your date if she is cold and did not bring one of her own.