Do you feel like you are in a race to see who can get on and off the elevator the fastest?  Every time a door opens I remind my children to wait.  However, it occurs to me that others may also need such a reminder.  I have noticed more and more adults picking up the pace to get on the elevator ahead of others. This results in frustration for everyone and especially those whose exit is obstructed.  So, here is a little review:

1. If the elevator is full, then everyone at the front of the croweded elevator should get off first.  This should occur even if the elevator stops at a floor that is not their destination.  One should simply step off and to the side and allow others from the back to pass.  They can then re-enter the elevator to continue on to their floor.

2.  In the event that you accidentally bump or nudge someone during exit, then simply state, “I’m sorry” or “Please excuse me” and hopefully that will be enough to diffuse any elevator hostility.

3.  No staring at others on the elevator.  It is uncomfortable and not very polite.

4.  Keep talking and conversation to a minimum.  Everyone is listening.  

5.  Get off your cell phone.  Pay attention to others so you know when it’s your time to move.

6.  Please allow everyone who is trying to exit the elevator to do so before boarding.  It’s simply the polite thing to do.

Keeping these easy etiquette rules in mind will help everyone come and go in a more timely manner.